Social media campaign – lebanon 2022

As a filmmaker, it is my passion to bring stories to life and shed light on the challenges that communities face. Recently, I had the opportunity to direct and edit a series of short documentaries in Lebanon, which highlight the economic crisis and its impact on the daily lives of the Lebanese people.

Lebanon is currently facing one of the worst economic crises in its history, leading to a shortage of basic goods, rising poverty rates, and widespread unemployment. The conditions have been especially difficult for children, who are facing challenges such as hunger and lack of access to education.

Through these documentaries, I wanted to showcase the resilience of the Lebanese people in the face of these challenges. Despite the difficult conditions, the Lebanese people continue to find ways to support one another and work towards a better future. Whether it’s through community initiatives or small businesses, they are demonstrating their strength and determination in the face of adversity.

I am proud to share these documentaries with you, and I hope that they will inspire others to support the Lebanese people in their time of need. To view the full series, please visit my portfolio website.

Project details


Poul Waligora -


ACN - Aid to the Church in Need

Project date

22 June 2022

Project location

Beirut, Lebanon / Warsaw, Poland